Thursday, December 3, 2015

Clix-Fail, Swag-rockin', Update

Okay, just a quick update before I "commute" (log-in) for work today.

I've loved Clixsense for years. A few months ago DQ'ing from surveys became more common. Now, they've changed their payout schedule twice in just a few months. For the first time in years, I waited more than 24 hours for my payment to process. A week went by, had to actually send a ticket in to get it. I'm not "naying" them YET, but not spending much time there til it gets straightened out either.
On the other hand, Swagbucks has been pretty good to me lately with the only complaint being that there were no nCraves one day. It's been the most fruitful as of recently.

Work is good, passed my first big test, going to be taking calls today! (eek!)

Busy busy!

Wahmderful life it is. LOL