Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fibro Days 1

Subtitle: Grander Plans

I totally had great big grand plans for the day.
I even wrote a to do list.
Five jelly beans for the first person to correctly guess the percentage of completion that list reached.

I slept too long. Yes, I whine about not getting enough sleep. Anyone with Fibro knows that too long means being in the bed too long and results in stiffness and soreness upon waking, however. Fun start! I managed to get breakfast cooked. Took me almost an hour and pancakes were a literal flop but we eventually had food on the table. Unfortunately, I'm still an emotional wreck with my feelings on my sleeves right now and well... more fun.

Once I got my big girl panties pulled up and my to do list done for the afternoon, I set about my plans. Halfway through walking through the store *ta da!* Sciatica! More fun. Embarrassingly I had to practically lay my boobs on the checkout counter and stretch my back out while waiting for my receipt I was hurting so bad. Real cute. I don't even wanna know how that looked.

I got to feeling a bit better once I got home and did some stretching and trying to "work it out" and got dinner cooked. Eh, not gonna try that recipe again. *unpinned!*

Time to walk the dog again. Note to self: at night, take a flashlight. Sidewalk is uneven. Shuffling feet make this dangerous. Tripped up and fell on bad knee. More fun! Luckily, it only hurt really bad for about fifteen minutes.

So here it is night. I already feel it being a "fibro night" but I'm trying to fight it off. Anxiety is gripping me and I'm just trying to shake it loose.

Glad I started making posts about my fibro feelings. Makes me feel a little better just getting it out. And nobody HAS to hear it or read it. You have to actually choose to come to this blog to see this, it's not in anyone's ears or newsfeed. If it comforts someone else to read that they weren't alone in their fight with fibro that day, it's here. If you don't like it, you don't have to see it. Yay! Win-win!

Good night and God bless.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

It CAN be done.

Depression can really make a person feel hopeless.
It can seem like there's no break in the clouds.
No way it is ever going to be sunny again.

It can make a person feel like there's just no use in even trying.
No way they are even capable of doing the most basic and essential things.
Depression with Fibromyalgia can make that even darker.

The clouds do begin to lift, however.
You have to push them.
It isn't easy but...
It CAN be done.

Flares can make even getting out of bed,
getting dressed,
absolutely exhausting.

Flares can come to an end.

Flares can be fought.

It's a learning process for sure. A never ending one from what it appears.

A month ago I really didn't think it could be done.

I didn't think I could manage waking up and staying up for 18 hours straight without a migraine.
I didn't think I could manage doing laundry, cooking dinner, taking care of pets and working.
I didn't think I could manage more than two or three things on my to-do list.
I had decided I was kinda worthless.

I'm not worthless.

It CAN be done.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fibro Nights 1

I'm sleepy and tired. I woke up with pain this morning (line of storms came through today) but pushed through and managed to complete about 80% of my to-do list. I need to get a good night's sleep because I will be in training for 8 hours tomorrow. I want sleep. There's no reason for me not to sleep. Oh, wait, yes. That's right. Fibromyalgia. Stupid Fibro!
Tonight the Fibro presents itself in shooting pain from my right hip down my leg, jaw tension, anxiety and general aches. The remedies of Norco, melatonin and self-massage aren't working. I'm hoping eventually I will just *crash*.
I've had two brownies tonight. Maybe I need to start monitoring my symptoms after chocolate. Not that I would ever give up chocolate but ya know, so I can expect it. LOL

P.S. I've decided to vent my FibroFrustrations on my blog in an attempt to whine a little less in real life. That way, if you don't wanna read it- click the X at the top right of your screen. Maybe a fellow FibroFighter will read it and know he or she isn't alone (as strange as it is I think it makes us feel better to know we aren't alone even though we wouldn't wish it on anyone). Or maybe someone who isn't sure why they feel the way they do will stumble across this and has never heard of Fibromyalgia and will become aware. Who knows. Why not?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Easy GPT #4 - Clixsense

Clixsense is a GPT that has been around for many years and is quite consistent with their payouts, offers and ways to earn. It's also not a "get rich fast" site, as none of the GPTs I have blogged about are. It's an "extras" money type deal. These are so easy though and you can do most of this stuff sitting in front of the tv unwinding or watching a movie with the family. It's not exactly passive income but it's close to it in my opinion.
There is a daily checklist that will help you earn, a forum for help and if you comment on this post needing help I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. I think of all the GPT sites I have tried over the years, this was the first one I used so I have been using it the longest.

Join with me!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Easy GPT #3 - Swagbucks

Swagbucks is my favorite GPT (Get Paid To) site. The interface is the most fun and engaging and makes you feel less like you are on a tedious task and more like you are enjoying some entertainment. In actuality you can be. The videos they feature actually have movie trailers, current celebrity news, workouts along with many more varieties of things you already are watching on youtube and other sources. You just aren't getting paid to watch them on other sites.
I always make sure I do the daily poll and daily NOSO first. I run NCrave videos while I'm doing other things and I watch a few playlists of things I enjoy. From time to time I spot an offer that I want. They also pay you SB's to shop (similar to ebates), offer surveys, games, etc. My favorite way to earn is still videos, however. Make sure if you plan to earn through videos mainly you download all of the video apps (, Entertainnow, etc)

With lots of promotions, special contests and fun ways to earn they are seriously the most engaging and fun way to earn.

Join with me!


Social media seems to be a melting pot of horribly scary news stories ( #prayersforParis , protests, riots, etc.), red cup opinions and thankfulness. Many of my friends are doing the trend of posting daily what they are thankful for. I've done it or variations of it in the past (many times, not seeing it through the whole month LOL) but opted out this month mostly due in fact to my goal of not being on Facebook quite as much as I used to.
I figured a blog post about thankfulness could do me some good though.
Just being totally candid I've struggled with thankfulness among other things lately due to loneliness and depression trying to steal my joy. When that cloud comes over, it tends to make the small things you were grateful for and truly enjoyed disappear a bit.
Don't get me wrong, I still have moments where I look at my princesses and feel so much pride and joy my heart feels it may burst. They truly are amazing and just seeing them lit up with a big smile is contagious. I have allowed my own internal struggles really cloud me up lately and it's a mess, however.
I'm starting this very moment to make a conscious effort to change that. I have been trying to fight my bad attitude that has resulted from the junk in my head for a week or two now but I'm really having a hard time with the battle. Maybe concentrating more on what I have to be thankful for will bring that joy back and fight the darkness off.
I'm just thinking out loud.
Thanks for listening.

ETA: I actually wrote this post yesterday morning before work. I didn't have time to post it so I saved it for later.
I think there's so much more I'm going to have to change aside from just being more grateful. I'm not the person I was two years ago, I'm more the person I was four years ago. Makes no sense to any readers that do not know me but anyone who knows me knows that isn't good.
That whole rewind post I did last week? Yeah, I gotta do that.
Prayers appreciated.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rockin' and Rollin'

Starting my new WAHM job tomorrow!
I've been looking (apparently in all the wrong places, like a sad country song) for an actual employee position that would allow me to work from home for quite some time now. I finally found one that I could start with no experience and I'm even getting paid for training. I am so excited and can't wait to start. It's a customer care position, taking inbound calls only. Please pray I keep a noise-free and distraction free environment, lol.

I've been pinning crock pot and freezer meal ideas like crazy lately.
(See above reason) Even though I'll be home, this is a job with a pretty steady stream of calls I've been told so I won't be able to leave my desk except on breaks so I need to figure out how to feed the masses while I'm working. I welcome your ideas and recipes. (Comment!)

I think my big Fibro flare that lasted almost three months is starting to slowly ease up.
I'm having more "good days", "good hours" and less intensive pain. I haven't fallen in almost a month! I have had some set backs when I over exerted or got my nerves too amped up but I can actually see a tiny light at the end of the hall AND I think my "spoon allowance" has increased by a couple. I hope it stays on this track through the holidays at least so I can enjoy them with my family and be able to balance my new schedule and responsibilities well.

I found my new favorite cleaning tool!
Oh, I could sing of OxyClean's amazing-ness! I have bought the brand and the off brand and I like both. Cleaning the tub with it in place of Comet or bleach, using it as laundry booster and oh-em-gee the dog's collar! Let me tell you how nasty my dog's collar was looking and smelling. I soaked it for a little while and it looked almost new again. Yep. I like stuff like that.

I'm trying to post more on here and keep this up again.
People ask me often about what I do to get gift cards and the little bit of extra cash I get sometimes so I hope this can help another SAHM or WAHM or anyone needing it. Please share posts and links because you never know who might not know this stuff or be needing the little bit of extra. Helps with Christmas shopping and birthdays and stuff!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Easy GPT #2 - Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a simple and easy way to get a gift card for Amazon or if you have a Windows device or Xbox you can get credits for those as well.
I need to straight up say that my favorite search engine is Google and I don't see that changing but Bing is awesome for offering this incentive.
For this one you just create an account or use your existing MSN account and search! There's an app making it a bit easier to keep track of it all. It seriously only takes me about three minutes a day to make the 28-32 points on there I make (which comes out to basically 26-30 cents USD from what I can tell but I'm horrible at math so don't trust me on that!)
535 points gets you a $5 Amazon card.

Top Ten Things Worse Than A Red Starbucks Cup

You know what burns my buns more than the color of a cup?
A good bit. Why? Because I don't really care what color my Starbucks comes in on the very rare occasion I purchase a drink there. Honestly, I don't really care if they say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or even Bah Humbug to me when they hand it to me either.
Just because I say Merry Christmas to someone I don't expect them to say it back. Just because Starbucks has a solid cup instead of an intricately decorated one doesn't mean there is a huge conspiracy to attack us Christians behind it.

So, a top ten list is born!

Here are the top ten things that burn my buns more than Starbucks producing it's drinks in a red cup.

1. Liars, lies, loops of lies.
2. When pockets aren't cleaned out and there's suddenly gum or tons of paper in the laundry.
3. People are starving to death and you're upset that your five dollar coffee doesn't tell you Merry Christmas.
4. Doing dishes.
5. That some Christians can walk by someone needing help with their nose in the air but are upset about that cup.
6. Pharrell and Gwen haven't swapped seats on The Voice so Blake and Gwen can sit closer.
7. Breeders over breeding animals while others are dying in the pound.
8. My cat thinks my desk is a new playground.
9. Protests, wars, attacks, etc.
10. That my newsfeed has been a mess about cups lately.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Easy GPT #1 - Inbox Dollars

It's not going to make you rich. It's going to take just a few minutes of your day (while you're watching TV or waiting for the laundry to dry) and it's going to give you the cash that isn't in your budget to buy new mascara, or take your spouse to dinner, or even... new yoga pants! (I love yoga pants!)

This one is one that I don't spend a huge amount of time on but within a month or two with only a few minutes a day, four or five days a week I can get about $30 bucks from. Easy enough and one of the easiest to understand.

Rewind Just a Little.

Are you feeling like you're stuck?

I'm sure you've heard a million times in your life that "life has no rewind button" and while that may be true, it doesn't mean you can't hit a nice little pretend pause button and reflect on how you got the point you are at and back up a little. You can't take back things you've said or done but you might be able to back up to them and find some solutions that will either prevent them from happening again or right some of the damage caused.

There are a few inspirations behind this particular post. One being personal in my own life. I've realized I'm becoming more and more like the person I was before I went through a dramatic overhaul a few years back and that person is not a pleasant one. Can I change the way I've acted and things I have done? Nope. But I can back up! You can too. For humor's sake I'll clue you in to the other two inspirations behind me writing this post and I'm sure it will confirm your suspicions that I'm certifiably crazy: The TV show My Name is Earl and a line from a country song that states, "I'm living in fast forward... I need to rewind real slow."

Okay, now that the giggles are all out, I want to share some steps you can take (with me!) to back up.

1. Hit that nice little pretend pause button. Essentially, put yourself in time-out. Come on, especially you moms out there, you know the purpose of this is not so much as punishment but for reflection. Think about where you are, how you got there, what you have done and IF you are ready to back up and do some fixin'.

2. Once you've had a couple good "aha!" moments, start making a list. Yes, one of those lists. It can be on paper, in your phone, on your computer and it can be however it works for you but get these things out of your mental to-do list and on hard copy. It's just more "for real-real" that way. If you've hurt people, write their names down and what you've done. If you've become strapped in debt, write what you owe down. Get it all in front of you in black and white (or purple in pink if that's how you roll. Ain't no shame in using crayons for this!)

3. Find solutions. Look at what needs to be righted, what needs to be left alone, what's fixable and what isn't. Then put it in action. Ask for forgiveness only if you are genuinely sorry. If you ain't sorry you might need to back up to step 1 again. Find ways to make debts more manageable. Find time to work on your emotional health.

4. REMIND YOURSELF not to "go there" again. I mean, chances are, you will. We're all human and we fail daily. Buncha losers we can be. However, be it a poster, a picture, a daily alarm or even an accountability partner it is just so much easier to stay on track when you've got something reminding you daily to make the right choices.

Top Ten Things You Get Done When You're Trying to Sleep.

Do you get more done (mentally, of course) in an hour of trying to go to sleep at night than you do in an entire day? I do!
I think I've completely mapped out a week in my head during one particularly rough night of insomnia.
Just for giggles, here's a top ten list of things that get done mentally during those "counting sheep chores" nights.

1. Grocery list. You'll totally forget it by the time you sit down with a pen though.

2. Dishes. Oh, the sparkling clean sink you won't wake up to.

3. Laundry. It's folded and put away and every hamper is empty. NOT!

4. Cool hair styles for you or the kids. Or ya know, bed head from tossing and turning.

5. Gourmet meals. Swapped for frozen pizza since you can't keep your eyes open to read a recipe.

6. Ultimate Get-Rich-Live-Big Plans. You're NOT going to start a savings account the next morning. Admit it.

7. Remodeling or redecorating. Sounds like a great idea and you've become a pro (in your mind) by now.

8. Toy organization/playroom sweep. Just try it. I dare you.

9. Outfit planning. Yoga pants it is.

10. Blogging. Ha! Oh, the blogs I have wrote out in la-la-land somewhere.

Have I left out one of the top things you get "done" when you're counting sheep chores? Comment and share!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Revamping and Remodeling

As I'm contemplating this comeback and deciding what to aim for and how to change a few things around to better suit my focus and my goals for the blog, I'm just leaving this here to let any visitors know that changes are happening. This is so true for my life, too. ;)