Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fibro Days 1

Subtitle: Grander Plans

I totally had great big grand plans for the day.
I even wrote a to do list.
Five jelly beans for the first person to correctly guess the percentage of completion that list reached.

I slept too long. Yes, I whine about not getting enough sleep. Anyone with Fibro knows that too long means being in the bed too long and results in stiffness and soreness upon waking, however. Fun start! I managed to get breakfast cooked. Took me almost an hour and pancakes were a literal flop but we eventually had food on the table. Unfortunately, I'm still an emotional wreck with my feelings on my sleeves right now and well... more fun.

Once I got my big girl panties pulled up and my to do list done for the afternoon, I set about my plans. Halfway through walking through the store *ta da!* Sciatica! More fun. Embarrassingly I had to practically lay my boobs on the checkout counter and stretch my back out while waiting for my receipt I was hurting so bad. Real cute. I don't even wanna know how that looked.

I got to feeling a bit better once I got home and did some stretching and trying to "work it out" and got dinner cooked. Eh, not gonna try that recipe again. *unpinned!*

Time to walk the dog again. Note to self: at night, take a flashlight. Sidewalk is uneven. Shuffling feet make this dangerous. Tripped up and fell on bad knee. More fun! Luckily, it only hurt really bad for about fifteen minutes.

So here it is night. I already feel it being a "fibro night" but I'm trying to fight it off. Anxiety is gripping me and I'm just trying to shake it loose.

Glad I started making posts about my fibro feelings. Makes me feel a little better just getting it out. And nobody HAS to hear it or read it. You have to actually choose to come to this blog to see this, it's not in anyone's ears or newsfeed. If it comforts someone else to read that they weren't alone in their fight with fibro that day, it's here. If you don't like it, you don't have to see it. Yay! Win-win!

Good night and God bless.

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