Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rockin' and Rollin'

Starting my new WAHM job tomorrow!
I've been looking (apparently in all the wrong places, like a sad country song) for an actual employee position that would allow me to work from home for quite some time now. I finally found one that I could start with no experience and I'm even getting paid for training. I am so excited and can't wait to start. It's a customer care position, taking inbound calls only. Please pray I keep a noise-free and distraction free environment, lol.

I've been pinning crock pot and freezer meal ideas like crazy lately.
(See above reason) Even though I'll be home, this is a job with a pretty steady stream of calls I've been told so I won't be able to leave my desk except on breaks so I need to figure out how to feed the masses while I'm working. I welcome your ideas and recipes. (Comment!)

I think my big Fibro flare that lasted almost three months is starting to slowly ease up.
I'm having more "good days", "good hours" and less intensive pain. I haven't fallen in almost a month! I have had some set backs when I over exerted or got my nerves too amped up but I can actually see a tiny light at the end of the hall AND I think my "spoon allowance" has increased by a couple. I hope it stays on this track through the holidays at least so I can enjoy them with my family and be able to balance my new schedule and responsibilities well.

I found my new favorite cleaning tool!
Oh, I could sing of OxyClean's amazing-ness! I have bought the brand and the off brand and I like both. Cleaning the tub with it in place of Comet or bleach, using it as laundry booster and oh-em-gee the dog's collar! Let me tell you how nasty my dog's collar was looking and smelling. I soaked it for a little while and it looked almost new again. Yep. I like stuff like that.

I'm trying to post more on here and keep this up again.
People ask me often about what I do to get gift cards and the little bit of extra cash I get sometimes so I hope this can help another SAHM or WAHM or anyone needing it. Please share posts and links because you never know who might not know this stuff or be needing the little bit of extra. Helps with Christmas shopping and birthdays and stuff!

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