Saturday, November 21, 2015

It CAN be done.

Depression can really make a person feel hopeless.
It can seem like there's no break in the clouds.
No way it is ever going to be sunny again.

It can make a person feel like there's just no use in even trying.
No way they are even capable of doing the most basic and essential things.
Depression with Fibromyalgia can make that even darker.

The clouds do begin to lift, however.
You have to push them.
It isn't easy but...
It CAN be done.

Flares can make even getting out of bed,
getting dressed,
absolutely exhausting.

Flares can come to an end.

Flares can be fought.

It's a learning process for sure. A never ending one from what it appears.

A month ago I really didn't think it could be done.

I didn't think I could manage waking up and staying up for 18 hours straight without a migraine.
I didn't think I could manage doing laundry, cooking dinner, taking care of pets and working.
I didn't think I could manage more than two or three things on my to-do list.
I had decided I was kinda worthless.

I'm not worthless.

It CAN be done.

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