Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Easy GPT #4 - Clixsense

Clixsense is a GPT that has been around for many years and is quite consistent with their payouts, offers and ways to earn. It's also not a "get rich fast" site, as none of the GPTs I have blogged about are. It's an "extras" money type deal. These are so easy though and you can do most of this stuff sitting in front of the tv unwinding or watching a movie with the family. It's not exactly passive income but it's close to it in my opinion.
There is a daily checklist that will help you earn, a forum for help and if you comment on this post needing help I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. I think of all the GPT sites I have tried over the years, this was the first one I used so I have been using it the longest.

Join with me!

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