Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy National Orange Juice Day!

Apparently, May 4th is National Orange Juice Day. There's a day for everything, I suppose. I looked at a list of random food holidays and even saw Chocolate Custard Day. Seriously? However, I do love me some OJ from time to time, so I may have to celebrate this one.

In most cases, a glass of typical store bought orange juice is gonna have about the same sugar as that soda you're craving and you'll get more nutrients actually EATING an orange, so I wouldn't boast of it's healthiness exactly. I've read before that when you juice an orange instead of eating it you still get some of the vitamins but miss out on some of the fibers and other nutrients. I don't care too much for eating them myself (yuck, strings in my teeth!) but I will from time to time.
For yumminess reasons though, when I drink a glass of OJ I usually grab one that's got other flavors or juices added like, mango or banana. 
Anyways, I guess it's like everything else seems to be... moderation is key? LOL
Drink up! Happy OJ Day ya'll!

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