Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ten Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil- Posh Life!

My introduction to coconut oil has been through skin care only thus far. It's very versatile in that category alone! I LOVE my Posh Life Coconut Oil. Yes, I am a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant, but I don't have to shout to the masses how much I LOVE it if I don't really. I'm never going to tell anyone I like something if I don't. This is a more solid oil that melts as you rub it in. It smells delightful.

  1. Dry Ends- I like to rub a little into my fingers then lightly go through the ends of my hair to give a softer look. I color my hair regularly, so the ends often look brittle or dry. 
  2. Eye Makeup Remover- It really breaks up my mascara and moisturizes my sensitive skin as I gently rub in light circles around my (closed!) eyes. I usually do this before cleansing and masking.
  3. Dry Scalp- I get dry and occaisionally itchy patches on top of my scalp and a little dab of this helps a ton!
  4. Stretch Marks- Some have had the luck after long term uses to have their marks actually begin to fade, but I use another product that is helping with that more. However, they itch sometimes, more than my other skin. This fixes that in a jiffy. AND makes me smell good. DOUBLE WIN!
  5. Dishwater Hands- I'll use a little on my hands before washing dishes to prevent so much damage from occuring then follow with The Healer Stick and some Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream or Skindelicious after I am done to look like those gals with automatic dishwashers.
  6. Ashy Legs Begone!- Nothing makes my skin (and tattoos!) glow like a layer of this after a shower. Ooooh! Shiny! 
  7. Purse Conditioner- Use this at your own risk. I tried it on a small bag and it made the leather shine like new and smell amazing too! Because your purse deserves pampering, too.
  8. Frizz and Fly Aways- A little goes a long way is definitely the key here. Seriously. Just a touch on your finger rubbed into your hands then use your hands to smooth down your hair. Once more, it'll make you smell amazing as well. :)
  9. Nighttime Rubdown- Massage time! Even if ya gotta massage yourself. The Skin Vixen Dry Oil is great for this too. My skin stays ridiculously dry and this packs a little more of the hydrating punch I need.
  10. Smelling Good- Did I mention how great this particular oil smells? Oh. Only three times? Well, here's the fourth. Just to make a point of it. It's not overpowering but it is a noticeable fresh and delightful scent.
If you think you might want to try it (you do, you know you do!) I'm going to insert some shameless self-plugging here and give you my link. Feel free to comment any questions you may have! 
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