Thursday, May 14, 2015

Top Ten Reasons - I Love The Healer Stick!

So, once again, I will remind you that I am a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant but only because I truly love the products. I was a satisfied thrilled customer first. One of the first products I got was a Healer Stick. This little baby rocks!

1. I have had a rash on the under side of my lower arms and elbows for years. Multiple diagnosis' and multiple prescriptions given, none worked. Much money spent on OTC lotions and creams, again, none worked. THIS works! I honestly believe it's due to it being non-clogging and just all around wonderful.
2. Totally made an oops and got sunburned. This was so much more soothing on my burn than aloe has ever been. I'm healing faster, too!
3. I have puppies. They have little claws. They love to jump on us. A swipe of this over scratches stops any irritation or itch and heals the scratch very quickly.
4. Papercut, take THIS! 
5. I have a one year old scar going all the way down my torso from an emergency gallbladder removal. In just a few weeks, it's lightened from a dark purple to a pale pink scar. I'm going to continue usage on it as I've seen it nearly fade scars completely on people!
6. I'm a mom, I have my tiger stripes. Similar to reason number 5, they itch sometimes and are a dark purple. Mine are eleven years old and aren't fading very quickly, but in only a couple weeks, I'm noticing some fading AND they no longer itch!
7. I have no reservations about slathering myself or my kiddos in this. It's natural based, duh.
8. Seriously, ANY dry or itchy spot... begone!
9. It's AFFORDABLE! It's a large size stick (think twice the width and much taller than a chapstick) for only $13... that's TOTALLY doable!
10. It's versatile and because of all those reasons above, it's a go-to item in my household. It really is a little healer. Fixes SO many things! I have even used it to tame a few fly-away hairs in a pinch!

You can get YOUR Healer Stick here. (until December 2015)

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