Monday, May 11, 2015

Stuff I Read and Liked v.1

Though I'm generally off my rocker, sometimes I get back on my rocker and do some reading. I'm finding some blogs I enjoy following and found a few posts that inspired me this weekend.

1. It Sux To Be Fat - Summer is Coming!
    Jennifer totally terrified scared shocked floored me when I read past her first happy paragraph about a happy mother's day and onto her realization that *gasp* summer is almost upon us. Nooo. Not yet!! I'm not ready! *pouts* So, she highlighted a pretty cool game/program that I'm considering checking out as motivation to get my booty in gear.

2. gh0st parties - A Sunday Well Spent
    Just go look at her makeup organization. Jealous? YES! Motivated? OH YES! Maybe I will in turn have a Monday well spent. I need to organize my makeup like, last year.

3. Into The Gloss - How Do You Deal With Anxiety?
    Because I love when people openly discuss the reality of anxiety whether it's on a large, earthquake scale or on a "where'd I sit my keys?" scale. The comments are a good read also.

So, that's what got me tonight as I read through my Bloglovin' follows. Got something that inspired you? Share it in the comments. I wanna read it, too!

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